look-alikes: various US politicos

Various USA politicians & apparatchiks

Featuring various actresses portraying American politicians and political apparatchiks in movies and TV shows.

The politians

Katherine Harris: Remember those ‘hanging chads’. Recount chronicles the weeks after the 2000 US presidential election the particularly the recounts in Florida centring on the controversial role of Republican politician Katherine Harris (Laura Dern), then Secretary of State of Florida. I understand that Katherine Harris was not best pleased with the movies portrayal of her role. Michelle Bühler was makeup department head.

Janet Reno: In the Ally McBeal episodes ‘Body Language’ and ‘Theme of Life’ Fish pursues Attorney General Janet Reno (Linda Gehringer), fascinated by her ‘wattle’. Brian Penikas and his Make-up and Monsters team transformed Linda with a five-piece foam latex prosthetic prosthetic makeup, stretch and stipple, and a wig; the complete process took four hours to complete.

Jeane Kirkpatrick: Jeane Kirkpatrick was President Reagan’s Ambassador to the United Nations at the time of the Falklands War when the UK fought to regain the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) – one of the more remote relics of its empire – following an Argentinian invasion; the issue of sovereignty had been disputed between Argentina and the UK since 1833 and remains unresolved. The Falklands Play was an account of how Margaret Thatcher and her government handled the crisis, including the backroom manoeuvrings. Jeane Kirkpatrick (Lorelei King) previously a strong supporter of the brutal Argentinian dicatorship was somewhat discomforted by Reagan’s support for the UK in the conflict. Sallie Adams was the makeup designer; neither the Kirkpatrick nor the Thatcher makeup went for a total likeness and Lorelei King’s makeup certainly did not capture Kirkpatrick’s age or ugliness.