updated: 08/12/2009

look-alike makeups: princess Diana

Beautiful, disturbed, unhappily married, betrayed, royalty, iconic status, mistress of the doleful eyes, died young and tragically: what better subject for having her life dissected in tacky biopics – and her death pored over by conspiracy theorists.

Diana: Last Days of a Princess (2007): This docudrama about the last two months in the life of Diana featured Genevieve O’Reilly as Diana. Pamela Haddock was the makeup designer.

Whatever Love Means (2005): Princess Diana (Michelle Duncan) only had a bit-part in this tale of the early relationship between Charles and Camilla – sounds a bit like her marriage really. Denise Watson was credited as makeup artist.

Jeffrey Archer: The Truth (2002): This story was based on real events, only the facts were changed to portay Jeffrey Archer as an unlikely confidant for the divorced princess (Emily Mortimer). Penny Smith, Steve Smith & Su Westwood were credited as makeup artists.

Willi und die Windzors (1996): The British parliament decides to get rid of the royal familyso they have to leave the county; as no other royal family will take them in they end up moving to live with distant relatives in Germany. But the Bettenbergs are not amused by their snobbish visitors who expect to live in their little house without doing any work to earn their living – . Katharina Schubert played Princess Diana. Monika Mörke and Eberhard Neufink were the makeup artists.

Fergie & Andrew: Behind the Palace Doors (1992): Purported to tell the real story behind the marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson from their initial courtship through to their eventual separation. Edita Brychta played Princess Diana. Pamela Haddock was the chief makeup artist.

The Women of Windsor (1992): was accurately described on IMDb as ‘totally awful’ in its portrayal of the lifes of Fergie and Diana (Nicola Formby). Patricia Green was the makeup artist.