look-alike makeups: The Queen

The Queen

This Channel 4 production focused on the queen’s reaction to the death of princess Diana. More bad news for the royal family’s tattered image which had all the usual royal sycophants rushing to say: ‘It wasn’t like that.’ Still the PR blurb says the film:

Paints an intimate and sympathetic portrait of a shocked and grieving family, struggling to deal with their private response to Diana and her death, in the face of an extraordinary and unprecedented outpouring of sorrow and anger.

Helen Mirren must have mellowed a bit since being made a Dame or maybe she was just empathising with her character:

I would feel very bad if she [the queen] didn't like the way I played her … I think in many ways the Queen was betrayed by Diana, as the whole royal family was … Diana was a very unstable character and many times didn’t know the implication of her actions.

The makeup

Daniel Phillips was the hair & makeup designer.