updated: 08/07/2009

Look-alike makeups: Sixty Glorious Years

This film is basically a Technicolor remake of massively successful Victoria the Great, which had been made in black and white with much of the same cast only a year earlier – Anna Neagle reprised the role of Victoria. The only real difference between the two movies was the later movie covered only her years on the throne; as with the earlier movie it focused mainly on her life with Albert and dealt pretty perfunctorily with the forty years following his death.

It is dated in attitude as its predecessor – both could only have been made before World War II and the end of Empire – and was also as stylistically dated for its time. The filmmakers were given unprecedented access to the royal palaces for filming – in the wake of the Abdication Crisis the royal family must have been desperately in need of positive publicity for the monarchy

Anna Neagle’s transformation into the aged Victoria was again quite exceptional for British movies of the time; she was still in under thirty-five when the movie was released.

As with Victoria the Great Guy and Patricia Pearce were credited for makeup and hairdressing.