updated: 26/04/2006

look-alike makeups: other movies

Sometimes the elderly queen Victoria seems to have had walk-ons or cameos in every movie set in nineteenth-century Britain.

Doctor Who (2006): queen Victoria (Pauline Collins) is one of many historical figures who have met the Doctor. She is revealed to be more human than normally portrayed, but ultimately is definitely not amused. Sheelagh Wells was the makeup designer; unusually for an aged queen Victoria this makeup involved no prosthetics.

Shanghai Knights (2003): queen Victoria (Gemma Jones) does a walk-on to reward the heroes. Aileen Seaton was key makeup artist.

From Hell (2001): queen Victoria (Liz Moscrop) is seen in a few scenes. Lisa Westcott was the makeup & hair designer.

Victoria & Albert (2001): this mini-series told the story up to the death of Albert: the young to middle-aged Victoria was played by Victoria Hamilton but Joyce Redman played the old Victoria looking back in the brief opening and closing scenes. Pat Hay was the makeup designer.

Victoria & Albert (1997): this dramatised documentary (presented by prince Michael of Kent, it should probably be categorised as propaganda rather documentary) featured three actresses as Victoria at various ages including Rhoda Lewis (seen above). I do not have makeup credits for this show; if anyone can help, please email themakeupgallery.