updated: 20/11/2010

look-alike makeups: Spanish royalty

Letizia, princess of Asturias (born 1972), is the wife of Felipe, prince of Asturias and heir apparent to the Spanish throne. Before her marriage to the prince, she was a journalist working for Bloomberg and CNN. She was previously married and divorced but as that marriage was a civil ceremony the Roman Catholic Church did not consider it valid and saw no impediment to her remarrying in Madrid’s cathedral in 2004.

Felipe y Letizia (2010): This Spanish mini-series featured Amaia Salamanca as Letizia and Marisa Paredes as queen Sofía. IMDb credits Caitlin Acheson, Natàlia Albert, Anna Álvarez, Jesús Martos & Eva Quilez for makeup & hair.

Queen Sofía of Spain (born princess Sophia Margaret Victoria Frederica of Greece and Denmark, 1938) is the wife of king Juan Carlos I of Spain. She spent parts of herr childhood in Egypt, South Africa and Germany before studying childcare, music and archeology in Athens. She represented Greece in sailing at the 1960 Summer Olympics. In 1962 she married infante Juan Carlos of Spain, whom she had met on a cruise of the Greek Islands in 1954, in Athens at the Church of Saint Dennis. At her marriage she relinquished her rights to the throne of Greece and converted to Roman Catholicism from Greek Orthodoxy – an act of convenience in order to become more palatable to Catholic Spain – and changed the transliteration of her Greek name (Σοφία)from Sophia to Sofía. She became queen of Spain when Juan Carlos acceded to the throne in 1975.

Felipe y Letizia (2010): This Spanish mini-series featured Marisa Paredes as queen Sofía and Amaia Salamanca as Letizia. IMDb credits Caitlin Acheson, Natàlia Albert, Anna Álvarez, Jesús Martos & Eva Quilez for makeup & hair.

23-F (2011): If any one has any images of or information on the casting of Sofía from this forthcoming movie please email themakeupgallery.

23-F: El Día Más Difícil del Rey (2009): Less than six years after the death of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco Spain’s fledgling democracy was threatened by an attempted military coup, known as 23-F, on 23 February 1981. At 18:30 members of the Guardia Civil led by Lt Col Tejero burst into the Spanish Congress of Deputies – live on TV. There followed several hours of confusion before the King made a television broadcast at 01:14 calling for unambiguous support for the legitimate democratic government. Mónica López played queen Sofía. Montse Boqueras & Sergio Pérez were credited for makeup and hair.

Sofía (2010): This TV movie deals with the lead up to the wedding of princess Sofía (Nadia de Santiago) and Juan Carlos in 1962. I have no makeup credits.