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Look-alike makeups: UK & other royalty

This website has no political platform or agenda but I find the whole concept of monarchy distasteful; Robespierre and Saint-Just probably made the last meaningful contribution on the question.

Whatever, here you’ll find look-alikes of British and other contemporary royalty as they have been portrayed in various biopics, dramatised documentaries and other movies or television shows.

All-in-all they’re a pretty strange, uninspiring and unlovely lot but people seem to keep making TV shows about them (not to mention all those cameo appearances). The best that can be said about most portrayals of contemporary British royalty in the movies is that at least they’re no longer sycophantic. If they now tend to the unsympathetic and tacky, then I guess the royals have only themselves to blame: one reviewer recently commented on the difficulties of portraying the British royal family:

Make them too unattractive and their film becomes an unfunny ‘Spitting Image’, make them too pretty and viewers roll their eyeballs in disbelief.

2006 brought a whole crop about UK royalty: Wallis & Edward (Joely Richardson as Wallis Simpson); Whatever Love Means (the young Diana and Camilla); The Queen (Helen Mirren as the queen); Tea with Betty (the Queen); and The Queen’s Sister (Princess Margaret). And still they keep coming: Young Victoria (2009); The Queen (2009); The King’s Speech (2010); W.E (2011); William & Kate A Royal Love Story (2011); William & Kate (2011); Girls’ Night Out (2013?)…

Meanwhile in elsewhere in Europe: Julianna (2009); Majesteit (2010); Bernhard, Schavuit van Oranje (2010); Felipe y Letizia (2010); Sofia (2010); 23 F (2010); El 23-F (2011); Beatrix, Oranje onder Vuur (2012); El Rey (2013)…