Look-alike makeups: Clara Bow

Clara Bow (1905–1965)

Clara Bow (1905–1965) was an American actress and sex symbol, best known for her silent film work in the 1920s.

She was the archetypal flapper and dubbed the ‘It girl’ by Elinor Glyn. But she was considered a ‘low life’ by many in the Hollywood establishment on account both of her much-publicised love-affairs and of her alleged alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental instability.

Her documented mental health problems may well have been related to her dysfunctional family background which included both sexual and physical abuse in childhood.

The portrayals

Return to Babylon (2012): Coming soon …

Face Forward (2000): Here she was portrayed by Demi Moore in a photoshoot – with a lot of help from the late Kevyn Aucoin.