updated: 06/12/2002

look-alike makeups: Marion Davies

Marion Davies (1897–1961) was one of the greatest silent screen comediennes. But she is best remembered today for her relationship with newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst – even during her career, her high-profile social life often obscured her professional achievements.

The Cat’s Meow: Marion Davies’s alleged affair with Charlie Chaplin became the stuff of legend in 1924 when Hearst, Davies and Chaplin were on Hearst’s yacht with film producer Thomas Ince when Ince was killed – rumours have circulated since that time that Hearst mistook Ince for Chaplin and shot him in a jealous rage. Marion Davies was portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. Trefor Proud was the makeup designer.

RKO 281: Orson Welles produces his greatest film, Citizen Kane, despite the opposition of the film’s de facto subject, William Randolph Hearst. Marion Davies (Melanie Griffith) appears as Hearst’s lover. Roseann Samuel was the makeup designer.

Cradle Will Rock: coming soon…

The Hearst and Davies Affair: If anyone has any images of Virginia Madsen as Marion Davies, please email themakeupgallery.