updated: 12/12/2005

barbarian makeups: Gladiatress

When a movie is described as an off-the-wall comedy my first instinct is to cringe; when I learn that it has characters called Marcosivellauniviromandiboule, Worthaboutapig and Dwyfuc then I know I should not approach it with any sort of hope. That said, the production values here were better than I feared: I read somewhere that the producers got a good deal on left-over props and costumes from Gladiator.

Whatever, in this sword and sandals movie three mismatched sisters thwart the Roman invasion of Britain in what is described as ‘their own unique and outrageous style’. Smirgut the Fierce (Fiona Allen) is the scary one. I’m not sure how Fiona’s hairstyle was achieved: I hope she didn’t shave it to appear in this dross (if she did then at least she has the consolation that it wasnt as bad as Fat Slags, and that possibly even fewer people watched it).

Anne Spiers was makeup & hair designer; Susan Howard, John Henry-Gordon & Eve Wignall were makeup artists.