period: seventeenth-century British characters

Seventeenth-century British characters

Featuring various actresses portraying British characters from the seventeenth century. The characters are mainly noblewomen; some are based on historical personages while others are entirely fictional.

The movies & TV shows

The Serpent’s Kiss (1997): This movie has been unkindly – but not inaccurately – described as ‘secondhand Peter Greenaway stuff’. Meneer Chrome, a young Dutch architect, gets involved well out of his depth while designing an extravagant garden for an English country house. Greta Scacchi played Juliana, the owner’s wife. Maire O’Sullivan was chief makeup artist.

Restoration (1995): Coming soon…

The Changeling (1974): The Jacobean Tragedy produced as a BBC Play of the Month in which Beatrice-Joanna (Helen Mirren) tries to rid herself of Alonzo, to whom she is betrothed, by using De Flores, who loves her, to murder him so that she can be with Alsemero, whom she loves; it does not end well. Elizabeth Moss was the makeup artist.