Period: Gunpowder


Anne Vaux (Liv Tyler) was a wealthy Catholic recusant. She and her sister supported Catholic priests by renting houses where priests could convene safely. Among these houses was White Webbs in Enfield Chase, which was visited by several of the Gunpowder Plotters.

She suspected the existence of the Gunpowder Plot, but she played no direct role in it. She was arrested shortly after the plot was discovered but was released on a bond. She was arrested again in 1606 for attempting to communicate with an imprisoned priest. Under interrogation, she proclaimed herself innocent of treason but admitted to receiving conspirators at her houses; she was released some months later.

She later moved to Leicestershire, where she was convicted of recusancy in 1625. She founded a school for boys from Catholic noble families, which the Protestant authorities tried to shut down in 1635. She died in 1637 or later.

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