period makeups: seventeenth-century Britain

Abigail Masham
Queen Anne
Queen Mary
Sarah Churchill
Moll Flanders
Lorna Doone
Louise de Kérouaille
Barbara Villiers
Henrietta Maria of France
Fanny Lye Deliver’d
The Great Fire
The Devil’s Whore
The Libertine
The Serpent’s Kiss
Draughtsman’s Contract
Forever Amber
The Wicked Lady

Period makeups: Seventeenth-century Britain

Unlike the sixteenth century no one face haunts us from the seventeenth century. But for English characters the screen has been dominated by the mistresses of King Charles II.

And yes I do know that Queen Anne actually reigned at the begining of the eighteenth century but in many ways the eighteenth century in the UK can be considered as begining with the arrival of the Hanoverians in 1715. Of course, an argument could also be made for beginning the new century with the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688; while I regard that event as little more than a coup, it does, along with the Hanoverian succession, provide an end-stop marking the final settlement of the convulsions of that century.

As with other period makeup sub-sections the characters shown here are an indiscriminate mixture of real persons and fictional characters. Also ordinary people are heavily under-represented: fashion was largely a matter for the rich.