C17th England: Charles II: …

The mini-series

Charles II: The Power & the Passion chronicles the life of King Charles from his European exile during the Commonwealth, through his triumphant return , through the highs and lows of his reign to his death. The focus is the Royal Court: friends and factions; his squabbling family; and, of course, his many mistresses – glamorous and squabbling – from the high-born and promiscuous Barbara Villiers through folk heroine and sex symbol of the day Nell Gwynn (Emma Pierson) to the French spy Louise de Keroualle.

Though the number of mistresses has been significantly reduced to fit the confines of the mini-series, it does seem as though they are often competing for a moment of screen-time in the way the originals must have competed for a moment of the King’s attention.

The makeup

Karen Hartley was the hair designer & makeup designer; Aaron Sherman was the prosthetic makeup artist – though his skills were not needed for Nell.