C17th England: Nell Gwyn

The movie

King Charles II meets Nell Gwyn (Anna Neagle) after seeing her perform at Drury Lane. She soon becomes his mistress, the King preferring her feisty irreverent company to that of the aristocratic French Duchess of Portsmouth. Nell becomes his most loyal subject, while ever-ready to take the Duchess down a peg.

But an ex-actress can never hope to be fully accepted by the Court despite the King’s support; Nell was the only one of his mistresses not to have or to receive a title – though her son was made a Duke.

Anna Neagle returned to the character – albeit briefly – some twenty years later in Lilacs in the Spring in which she played four roles

The makeup

As with many movies of the time (1934) no makeup artist was credited, and IMDb has no information either.