period: Du Barry, Woman of Passion

Du Barry, Woman of Passion

The young Jeannette Vaubernier (Norma Talmadge) is an impulsive shop-girl who loves Cosse de Brissac, a handsome private in the King’s Guards. But Jean du Barry tricks her into staying at La Gourda’s, where she soon becomes a favourite among the men.

King Louis XV sees her at the opera and arranges a meeting; just as she is about to elope with Brissac the king offers her all she desires. She is admitted to court, where her marriage to Du Barry is arranged.

The Pacte de Famine forces the people to pay high prices for grain and causes a revolt and Brissac becomes of of its leaders. Meanwhile, the king orders a lavish feast in Jeannette’s honour. Brissac is captured and sentenced to death.

Jeannette opens the palace gates allowing the people to storm the palace and rescue Brissac. But Jeannette is sentenced to the guillotine by the revolutionaries despite Brissacs pleads. Reaffirming their mutual love Brissac renounces the revolutionary cause and prepares to die with her.

Not a lot like the history then.

The makeup

I have no makeup credits for this movie.