period: various ancien régime characters

Various ancien régime characters

The ancien régime, the ‘old order’, is the term often used to label the aristocratic social and political system established in France under the Valois and Bourbon dynasties, where power relied on the three pillars of the monarchy, the clergy, and the aristocracy.

It was swept away by the revolution of 1789: although the monarchy was briefly re-established after 1815, France was never, nor looked, the same again.

The movies & TV shows

Le libertin (2000): Madame Therbouche (Fanny Ardant), a flirtatious painter from Berlin, persuades intellectual Denis Diderot to pose naked for a painting. Jacques Clemente was the makeup supervisor; Jocelyne Lemery, Lydia Pujols & Jean-Christophe Roger were the key makeup artists.

John Paul Jones (1959) Coming soon …

Monsieur Beaucaire (1946): Louis XV’s timid barber (Bob Hope) who is in love with a chambermaid (Joan Caulfield) is forced to impersonate a duke who is being sent to Spain to marry a princess. Meanwhile Mimi the chambermaid engages in her own masquerade. Wally Westmore was the makeup artist.