updated: 22/06/2010

C18th makeups: Marie Leczinska

Marie Leszczyńska of Poland (1703–1768) became queen consort of France when she married King Louis XV of France in 1725. On her marriage she adopted the name Marie Leczinska. Like his father Louis XV was a notorious womaniser and several of his mistresses, particularly madame de Pompadour, eventually eclipsed the Queen’s social status at Versailles. Most of his affairs were with her knowledge and she either simply accepted them or was powerless to stop them. In 1737 after a difficult amd life threatening childbirth Marie Leczinska was warned not to have any further children and shortly after she refused Louis entrance to her bedroom, effectively ending their relationship although their formal marriage continued. Marie Leczinska had a relatively good relationship toward madame de Pompadour who was introduced to the royal court at the wedding of Louis, dauphin of France, to infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain in 1745. Marie Leczinska died in 1768 by which time she was being referred to as Bonne Reine Marie in stark contrast to her unpopularity at court when she first arrived in France when she was regarded by the court as an unsuitable match – the daughter of an upstart king and rumoured to be ugly, epileptic and sterile. She was the longest serving Queen consort of France.

Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour (2006): featured Charlotte de Turckheim as Marie Leczinska. Marianne Collette was the key makeup artist.