period: La Nuit de Varennes

La Nuit de Varennes

In June 1791 King Louis XVI of France, along with Queen Marie Antoinette and their immediate family attempted unsuccessfully to escape from Paris in order to initiate a counter-revolution at the head of loyal troops under royalist officers concentrated at Montmédy near the frontier. They got only as far as the small town of Varennes, where they were arrested after having been recognized at their previous stop. The incident was a turning point after which popular hostility towards the French monarchy as an institution, as well as towards the King and Queen as individuals, became much more pronounced. The King’s attempted flight provoked charges of treason that ultimately led to his execution in 1793.

La Nuit de Varennes is a road movie where an unlikely mix of characters – including Tom Paine, Casanova & Restif de La Bretonne – end up at the inn in Varennes along with the King and Queen and their faithfull companion Countess Sophie de la Borde (Hanna Schygulla).

The makeup

Manilo Rochetti was the makeup artist for the movie.