period: The Clandestine Marriage

The Clandestine Marriage

Based on David Garrick’s play, Mr. Sterling, a wealthy upstart without breeding or good taste, and his sister Mrs Heidelberg (Joan Collins), the widow of a rich Dutchman, have spared neither costs nor effort to stage a lavish show in their country estate for the celebration of his daughter’s arranged wedding to Sir John, the son and heir of Lord Ogleby whose nobly titled estate is about to go bankrupt without a hefty dowry.

The planned marriage suffers a last-minute upset when the would-be husband switches affections to the bride’s sister.

The makeup

Sallie Jaye was the chief makeup artist; Deborah Jarvis & Norma Webb were the makeup artists.

Angela Cobbin was responsible for Joan Collins’s wigs; Chris Lyons (FangsFX) was responsible for her teeth.