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Period makeups: Georgian England

In 1714 the death of Queen Anne (included here as a seventeenth-century character as the last of the Stuarts, although her reign was actually in the eighteenth century) led to the the ‘Hanoverian succession’. and from 1714 to 1820 Great Britain and Ireland were ruled by the three German Georges.

George I was extremely unpopular in Great Britain, especially due to his supposed inability to speak English – but less so than the Catholic Stuart alternative; George II is variously remembered for ‘The War Of Jenkin’s Ear’ and the unsucessful Jacobite rebellion of 1745 leading to the battle of Culloden (and the subsequent brutality of his brother the Duke of Cumberland); George III famously went mad and managed to mislay the North American colonies; George IV married Maria FitzHerbert when he wasn’t supposed to – along with a lot of other things he wasn’t supposed to – while waiting impatiently to become king.