period: early nineteenth-century French characters

Various early nineteenth-century French characters

I have freely mixed ‘real’ historical persons and fictional characters: all films are works of the imagination.

For France I have taken the early nineteenth century as running from the French Revolution to the final end of the monarchy in 1848.

The movies & TV shows

Ne touchez pas la hache (2007): In Majorca in 1823, a French general overhears a cloistered nun singing in a chapel and realises that she is Antoinette de Langeais (Jeanne Balibar). He remembers their meeting in Paris. But she had been a married duchess and their love had doomed them – him to melancholy, her to the cloister. Having searched for her for five years he insists on speaking to her. Evelyne Byot was key makeup artist; Dianne Jamieson was makeup artist.