period: the early nineteenth century

North America

Period makeups: the early nineteenth century

I have freely mixed ‘real’ historical persons and fictional characters: all films are works of the imagination.

Loosely, I have taken the nineteenth century as running from the French Revolution (France) or Waterloo (England) to the First World War (England) or the Russian Revolution (Russia). As such it encompasses too long a range – from Jane Austen’s Bennets to Tsarina Alexandra – so the early nineteenth century runs until Queen Victoria in the UK, the revolutions of 1848 in the rest of Europe, the Civil War in the USA.

With the invention of the Daguerreotype (1839), Fox Talbot’s calotype (1840) and the collodion process (1851) photography was born; from the mid-nineteenth century on it becomes possible to talk of look-alike makeups.