period makeups: China

Empress Wan Rong
Yang Guifei
Empress Dugu
Wang Zhaojun
Empress Lu Zhi
Qing/Manchu dynasty
Ming dynasty
Yuan dynasty
Five dynasties & Song
Three Kingdoms & Period of Disunity
Warring States & earlier

Period makeups: China

The first recorded dynasty in ancient China dates back some 4000 years. Imperial China dates back to 221 BCE when Qin defeated the other six kingdoms and the King of Qin declared himself Emperor, taking the name Qin Shihuang Di – the Terracotta Army still guard his tomb.

The Qin were quickly succeeded by the Han who ruled for 400 hundred years. Other noteable dynasties were: the Tang (618–907 CE), whose rulers included China’s only Empress; the Yuan (1271–1368 CE) founded by Kublai Khan after the Mongol conquest; the Ming (1368–1644 CE), during whose rule most of the Great Wall that survives was built; the Qing or Manchu (1644–1912 CE), originally from Manchuria, who ruled until the forced abdication of the last emperor.