period: The Banquet

The Banquet

In the early tenth-century the Tang Dynasty is in tatters: the imperial family torn apart by infighting.

Crown Prince Wu Luan loves Little Wan (Ziyi Zhang), but his father takes her as his Empress. In response Wu Luan goes into exile, studying dance and music. Meanwhile his uncle murders the Emperor, taking both the throne and the Empress for himself; he then sends assassins to kill Wu Luan but theCrown Prince escapes. 

The new Emperor calls for a midnight banquet on the hundredth day of his rule. Poison, treachery, Wu Luan’s return, and the love of the innocent Qing (Xun Zhou) for Wu Luan set up the final entanglements.

No Fortinbras or Horatio lay the dead to rest.

The makeup

Lee-Na Kwan & Yuling Wang were the makeup artists.

Ziyi Zhang & Xun Zhou had their eyebrows partially shaved to help achieve the look required.