Ancient Egyptians: various Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians

Between biblical crossovers, mummies, the attractions of the pyramids, and Cleopatra, it’s hardly surprising that ancient Egypt has been extensively mined by filmmakers.

The movies

Abraham (1993): Pharaoh wanted to marry Abraham’s wife, Sarah (Barbara Hershey), and she was got all ready for the big occasion. Mario Michisanti was the key makeup artist.

Joseph and His Brethren (unmade, 1955): Rita Hayworth makeup tests coming soon …

Aida (1953): Billed as ‘the first Spectacular Opera Film in colour!’. Lois Maxwell played Amneris, lip synching to the voice of Ebe Stignani. With Sophia Loren in blackface as the Ethiopian princess, Aida. Goffredo Rocchetti was makeup supervisor on the movie.