period: Isabella I of Castile

Isabella I of Castile

Isabella I (1451–1504) was queen of Castile and León. She and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon brought stability to both kingdoms that became the basis for the political unification of Spain under their grandson Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor. Along with the physical unification of Spain, Isabella and Ferdinand were major players in the Counter-Reformation and embarked on a process of spiritual unification, trying to bring thge whole of Spain under one faith (Roman Catholicism). As part of this process, the Inquisition became institutionalised and they embarked on what would today be termed a massive programme of ethnic cleansing; the Pope rewarded them by granting them the title of Catholic Monarchs.

The makeup

Juana la Loca (2001): In 1496, Juana de Castilla, daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, travels to Flanders to marry archduke Felipe de Austria. Though the marriage is a dynastic arrangemeny Juana falls passionately in love with the handsome Felipe but he has many mistresses. When Juana becomes queen of Spain in 1504 the pressure is too much and her mental health deteriorates. Felipe responds sympathetically by having her declared insane and sent to a monastery while he becomes king. Isabella was played by Susi Sánchez. Miguel Sesé was the makeup artist.

Carry On Columbus (1992): This was the last of the Carry On movies – a sad and pathetic revival fifteen years after the limp Carry On Emmannuelle. June Whitfield made a misguided return to appear in her fourth Carry On as Isabella. Sarah Monzani was the chief makeup artist.