period: The Hour of the Pig

The Hour of the Pig

I believe this movie was released as The Advocate in some countries: both titles referring to the trial of a pig!

Filette d’Auferre (Lysette Anthony) is the daughter of a French nobleman who is quite eager to marry her off – her main feature is her irritating laugh. Filette’s look involved a significant transformation in Lysette’s appearance: including the appearance of a heightened hairline, yellowed teeth, and a change of eye colour. It was only when I looked up the movie on IMDb that I realised that Lysette was aged about thirty when she played this teenage role, some thirteen years after playing the similarly-aged – albeit far more glamorous – princess Lyssa in Krull.

Lysette commented in an interview:

I wouldn’t let them shave my head, but we bleached all of this [her hairline] white blonde then they plucked all my eyebrows, and I had brown contact lenses.

It looks as if Joanna Dunham wasn’t so lucky: her character, Lady Catherine d’Auferre (Filette’s mother) was given an even more severe medieval hairline.

The makeup

Jan Sewell was the makeup designer and Chantal Antoine, Catherine Bruchon, Darren Philips, and Victoria Voller were makeup artists on the movie.