mythical: Red Sonja

Red Sonja

Queen Gedren (Sandahl Bergman) seizes a powerful talisman, killing its keepers in the process, and uses it in her attempt to seek total power in a world of barbarism.

Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen), sister of one of the keepers, sets out with her magic sword to overthrow Gedren. Meanwhile Gedren is seeking revenge on Sonja for the scar that Sonja left on her face.

The reviews of both Brigitte Nielsen’s performance (‘wooden’) and the movie itself were uniformly unkind.

Frank Veenstra:

‘Red Sonja’ is flawed, weak and lacking. Even the camp-ness isn’t good.

Jeremy Wheeler (allmovie):

… there's very little that’s worthwhile in Dino de Laurentiis’ bucket of medieval slop ‘Red Sonja’. Never mind that Brigitte Nielsen had never acted before – the real question is: did anyone involved ever make a movie before?

The makeup

Rino Carboni was responsible for creative makeup.