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Period makeups: Mythical times

These are mythical characters: character who not only never existed but whose stories reference worlds in which the gods actively intervened – or at the very least, where magic and the supernatural were real.

Some of the characters come from the Bible, others from Classical Mythology (eg Medea); others from the modern sword and sorcery genre that references Amazons and Cimmerians who were first mentioned by Herodotus some over two thousand years ago; still others from contemporary mythological creations like Game of Thrones.

The cut-off between mythical and historical – or, at least, legendary – characters is fairly arbitrary: classical characters from the Trojan War onwards are included in the Ancient Greece & Rome section: Biblical characters are mostly in this section but some are in the Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece & Rome sections as appropriate.

In many cases filmmakers have either let their imaginations run riot or have allowed the actress a remarkably contemporary look.