period: Anna of Austria

Anna of Austria

Anna of Austria (1549–1580), was queen consort of Spain and Portugal. She married her maternal uncle King Philip II of Spain in 1570 following the death of his third wife in 1568. It was reportedly the happiest of his marriages.

She died of heart failure some months after the birth of her fifth child in 1580.

The movies

La princesa de Éboli (2010): tells the story of the Princess of Éboli. Michelle Jenner played Anna of Austria. Cruz Puente was the makeup artist.

La conjura de El Escorial (2008): This movie is set around the events leading to the arrest of Antonio Pérez and Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Éboli in 1579. Pilar Bastardés played Anna of Austria. José Quetglás was the makeup artist.