period: La princesa de Éboli

La princesa de Éboli

This Spanish mini-series featured Belén Rueda as Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda.

Returning to court, after three years of seclusion in a covent following the death of her husband, Ana de Mendoza achieves a position of great influence and begins an affair with Antonio Pérez, the King’s undersecretary of state.

But then things go badly wrong.

It was apparently a deliberate decision to place the eyepatch on Belén Rueda’s left eye instead of the right as shown in every portrait, including the one they used as a backdrop for some of the publicity photos. The director, it looked better and was safer for the sword fights:

Ha sido por razones de fotogenia y de seguridad. Se han rodado escenas con espadas y Rueda veía mejor con el ojo derecho.

The makeup

Cruz Puente was the makeup artist.