period: various portrayals of Elizabeth I

Portrayals of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, is a recurrent favourite and has been played by: Sarah Churchill, Bette Davis (The Virgin Queen and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex), Glenda Jackson (Elizabeth R and Mary, Queen Of Scots), Flora Robson (The Sea Hawk & Fire Over England), Claudette Colbert, and Jean Simmons among others.

More recent movies and mini series have featured Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth & Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Judi Dench (Shakespeare in Love), Anne Marie Duff (The Virgin Queen), Helen Mirren (Elizabeth I), and Joely Richardson & Vanessa Redgrave (Anonymous) in the role,

And who could forget the unforgettable portrayals by Miranda Richardson in Blackadder.

A movie with Glenn Close was supposedly in production or pre-production but disappeared into development-hell.

The movies

The Tudors (2007): Claire Macaulay as Princess Elizabeth. Coming soon …

Faceforward (2000): Kevyn Aucoin turned Karen Elson into Elizabeth I for this book.

The Sonny and Cher Show (1976): Cher appeared as Elizabeth I in a sketch.

Hallmark Hall of Fame (1952): Sarah Churchill played Elizabeth I among many other historical characters.

Les perles de la couronne (1937): Three narrators tell the story of seven matched pearls, four of them now in the British Crown. Episodes whirl us from Pope Clement VII to Queen Elizabeth I (Yvette Pienne), who receives some of them which have been stolen from Mary Queen of Scots. Both Yvette Pienne and Jacqueline Delubac played multiple roles in the movie. No makeup artists were credited.

Drake of England (1935): Athene Seyler played Elizabeth I.

Les amours de la reine Élisabeth (1912): Featured Sarah Bernhardt as Queen Elizabeth I. I believe this was the very first screen portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I.