updated: 06/09/2010

period: Imperium: Nero

The Imperium is a set of mini-series covering some of the key events of the history of the Roman Empire including: Augustus; Nero; Saint Peter; and Pompeii.

When his father is assassinated for plotting against the mad Emperor Caligula the young Nero and his mother, Agrippina, are separated and exiled. He grows up as an idealistic and caring young man but when Caligula is killed Nero and his mother are recalled to the court of Claudius and his empress Messalina (Sonia Aquino). When Messalini falls, Agrippina intrigues to obtain the throne for Nero. Under her control, Emperor Nero’s idealistic aims to reform Rome are frustrated and he in his turn gradually becomes enmeshed in palace intrigue and lust, having both his half-brother and his mother assassinated along the way. After the great fire of Rome Nero’s grandiose – and expensive – rebuilding plans lead to his downfall.

Federico Laurenti was the key makeup artist.