racechanging: various black characters

Various black characters

This section features white actresses in blackface makeup playing characters of African origin, including Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean, as well as contemporary African characters.

African ‘tribal’ characters are in a separate tribal section.

The movies & TV shows

Zorra Total (2012): In this Brazilian comedy show, which has run since 1999, Brit Spirite (Isabella Marques) accompanies her mother Adelaide (Rodrigo Sant’Anna) begging on the subway. Anderson Calixto & Isabel Arbizu were the makeup artists.

Tittybangbang (2005): Debbie Chazen appeared as a black woman in one (deleted) scene in the first series of this appalling comedy which was inexplicitly given a second season: the quality of the makeups was its only redeeming feature. Vanessa White was the makeup designer.