racechanging: Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel ‘Black Like Monica’

It’s heart may have been in the right place, and it was mostly harmless, but I could only take so much of the cloying sweetness of Touched By An Angel and the episode ‘Black Like Monica’ pulled out all the stops with abandon.

Monica (Roma Downey) wakes up to find she has become black and human: a pretty bad deal for an angel who now finds herself being chased by racist murderers. She fails the test (does God test Angels?) by praying to be made white again (me, I’d have prayed for a thunderbolt – or at least a Heckler & Koch UMP – but I guess it was’t not that sort of a show). Anyway, Tess tells Monica that God will forgive her (it was that sort of show) – I don’t recall what He said about the racist murderers.

And just in case we were too stupid to get the message along comes the real Rosa Parks in a cameo appearance as herself.

The makeup

I understand that Ken Johnson was both the makeup department head and Roma’s personal makeup artist.

This black makeup was a less serious attempt at credibility than Monica’s aged look in the episode ‘Missing in Action’.