racechanging: The Viking Queen

The Viking Queen

Viking queens in Roman Britain – not by 480 years! This movie really puzzles me: was it just ignorance on the part of the filmmakers? Did they believe their audience was ignorant? Or did Hammer just assume that as long as they paraded a few scantily clad starlets no one would care? Whatever, this is one of the worst movies that Hammer managed to produce.

Anyway part way through this mess a very unlikely-looking Nubian slave girl (Nita Lorraine) gives somebody a massage. And yes that is a bodypaint job under the scanty costume. Clearly, after a lot of thought and consideration of potential actresses for the role, the filmmakers were unable to find a black actress in mid-1960s Britain capable of performing such a demanding role.

The makeup

Charle E Parker was the makeup supervisor.