racechanging: A Man Called Horse

A Man Called Horse

In A Man Called Horse (1970) Lord John Morgan is on a hunting expedition in the Dakotas in 1825 when he is captured by the Sioux. After killing two scouts of a Shoshone war party he proves himself to the tribe. Morgan and after enduring the torture of the Sun Vow becomes a member of the tribe, taking the name Man Called Horse, and marries Running Deer (Greek beauty-queen Corinna Tsopei), the daughter of Chief Yellow Hand. But a pregnant Running Deer dies as a result of another Shoshone attack. Morgan is named tribal chief for his bravery, but eventually he leaves the Sioux and sadly returns to England.

In The Return of a Man Called Horse (1976) Lord John Morgan feels his spirit weaken in England in the 1840s so he returns to live with the Yellow Hand. On his return he learns from Elk Woman (Gale Sondergaard) that the Yellow Hand have been driven off their sacred land by white trappers with government backing and have retreated into an apocalyptic passivity, waiting for supernatural wrath to descend on their usurpers. He convinces them take direct action to regain their sacred land.

The makeup

George Lane was the makeup supervisor, Richard Cobos & Keester Sweeney were the makeup artists & Frank Griffin was the makeup artist for Richard Harris on A Man Called Horse.

Del Armstrong was the makeup supervisor & Hallie Smith-Simmons was the makeup artist on The Return Of A Man Called Horse.