racechanging: North West Mounted Police

North West Mounted Police

A Texas Ranger travels to Canada in the 1880s in search of Jacques Corbeau, who is wanted for murder, only to find that Corbeau is now one of the leaders of the North-West Métis Rebellion. The Ranger becomes reluctantly partnered with a Mountie when the brother of the girl they both love is kidnapped by his half-Métis, half-Indian lover Louvette (Paulette Goddard), who is none other than the daughter of Jacques Corbeau.

In the production notes DeMille described Louvette as ‘a tough son of a bitch … half animal and a magnificent one … beautiful as hell and unconsciously a terrible destroyer … a gorgeous black panther’. The ‘dark hair of an Indian’ and ‘relatively fair’ skin marked her as a half-breed.

The makeup

Wally Westmore was the makeup supervisor.