racechange: Gambit


Harry Dean, a career cat burglar, is set on parting the world's richest man (Lom) from his priceless statue of an Asian princess. Fortunately, he has the perfect plan. Well, perfect except that it requires the assistance of Nicole Chang (Shirley MacLaine) – an independent-minded Eurasian waitress – who with just a few changes could be a dead ringer of both the billionaire’s late wife and the princess in the statue.

But nothing goes quite as planned – hey, this is a caper movie remember.

Picking a blue-eyed redhead to play a Eurasian was not the most obvious casting decision but Shirley had already played an Indian princess in Around The World in Eighty Days and a western actress pretending to be a geisha in My Geisha.

The makeup

Bud Westmore was the makeup artist.