racechanging: Behind the Rising Sun

Behind the Rising Sun

In 1936 an idealistic young Taro returns home to Japan after studying in the United States and against his father’s wishes begins work for an American-owned engineering company.

He begins to date the firm’s receptionist, Tama (Margo Albert), who admires the Americans because they provided aid for her village after a devastating earthquake and sent her through school. Taro and Tama fall in love, but Taro’s father withholds his permission for them to marry because Tama is a member of the lower class.

Taro gradually becomes more and more traditionalist and after Pearl Harbor Taro hurries back to Tokyo to rejoin his air corps regiment. When his former employer and others are arrested as spies, and Tama is also arrested and tortured, he returns to Tokyo to denounce them all as spies

The group escape from prison during an air-raid, with the help of Taro’s father who also arranges their safe-passage to Sweden, but Tama declares that her place is to help build a new Japan and she decides to stay.

The makeup

Mel Berns was the makeup artist.