racechanging: The Son-Daughter

The Son-Daughter

As the rebellion against oppression rages in China, Chinese-American sympathisers in San Francisco prepare to smuggle a shipment of arms to their homeland. But four days before the ship is due to sail they are $100,000 short.

Their leader proposes that the four supporters with eligible daughters raise $25,000 each by selling their daughters into marriage to wealthy suitors

Dr Dong Tong has just given permission for his daughter Lien Wha (Helen Hayes) permission to marry an apparently poor young university student named Tom Lee. Sadly Tong and the heart-broken Lien Wha agree that she will marry Fen Sha, the highest bidder. Because of her sacrifice Tong calls Lien Wha his ‘son-daughter’; a title which she accepts proudly.

But after the wedding Fen Sha, who opposes the rebellion, arranges for Tong to be robbed and murdered in an attempt to stop the arms shipment.  Tom Lee then steals the money from Fen Sha’s safe but is mortally wounded while escaping. In revenge Lien Wha strangles Fen Sha with his queue in their bridal chamber and then sails to China with the arms shipment.

The makeup

I have no information on the makeup credits for this movie.