racechanging: Nine Hours to Rama

Nine Hours to Rama

The movie follows Naturam Godse through the nine hours leading up to his assassination of Mahatma Gandhi at a prayer meeting.

He recalls how he was rejected by the British Army because of his Brahmin ancestry and returned home only to discover that both his child bride and his father have been killed during communal riots. In response he promised his mother to fight violence with violence and joins a reactionary political group opposing Mahatma Gandhi and his policy of nonviolence. Later, while employed as a newspaper editor, he fell in love with Rani Mehta (Valerie Gearon), a beautiful married woman and a firm believer in the teachings of the Mahatma, but their affair ended because of their political differences.

Beset by doubts in the hours before the assassination, he spends a few drunken hours with a Punjabi prostitute named Sheila (Diane Baker) and then seeks out Rani. When she again rejects him, he decides to go through with the assassination.

Meanwhile Gopal Das, the local police chief, has learned of the assassination plot but he is unable to persuade Gandhi to postpone the prayer meeting. Rani also learns of the plan but arrives too late to prevent Naturam from killing Gandhi.

Knowing he has killed a great man and that he must be executed for his crime, Naturam allows himself to be dragged off by Das’s officers.

The makeup

Harold Fletcher & Wally Schneiderman were the makeup artists.