racechanging: Charlie Chan in Egypt

Charlie Chan in Egypt

Charlie Chan in Egypt followed The Mummy in capitalising on the 1922 opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen and the perceived curse that befell many of those present at the excavation.

Charlie Chan goes to Egypt on behalf of the French Archaeological Society to investigate Professor Arnold’s excavation of Ameti’s tomb, because the artifacts discovered in the tomb have been found in other museums. Once there, however, Chan finds out from the professor’s daughter Carol that Arnold has been missing for a month.

When Chan examines Ameti’s mummy using an X ray he discovers a bullet in the mummy’s chest, and unwrapping it reveals the body of Professor Arnold.

A certain Rita Cansino appears as Nayda, an Egyptian servant. She is better known as Rita Hayworth (her mother’s maiden name) – adopting that name a couple of years later along with a Hollywood makeover (by dint of dieting, hairline electrolysis, and auburn hair dye) to open up a greater range of roles. Margarita Carmen Cansino had been born in New York ; her father was Spanish and her mother an American of Irish-English descent.

The makeup

I have no makeup credits for this movie.