racechanging: Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

Jim Hardy and Ted Hanover have been vaudeville partners for many years but when Ted announces that he and Jim’s girlfriend, dancer Lila Dixon, are going to set off on their own, Jim decides the time has come to retire.

He buys himself a farmhouse in Connecticut and settles into the country life but soon realizes that he has an opportunity to do something special. He decides to open to the public, but only on major holidays – hence Holiday Inn.

Ted’s agent sends Linda Mason (Majorie Reynolds), an ambitious performer who works selling flowers, to audition for Jim. The two are attracted to each other and Jim offers her a job

Things are going well until Ted shows up and sets his sights on Linda. To hide her from Ted, Jim has Linda perform – reluctantly, bemoaning ‘how pretty’ she had wanted to look – in unrecognisable blackface.

The original movie was in black and white but a colourised version has been released.

The makeup

Wally Westmore was the makeup artist.