updated: 01/10/2008

non-realistic racechange: Lady Caroline Lamb

Lady Caroline Lamb (1785–1828) was a minor novelist and British aristocrat best known for her tempestuous affair with lord Byron in 1812. She coined the famous description of Byron as being ‘mad, bad, and dangerous to know’ – he described her in turn as being ‘the cleverest most agreeable, absurd, amiable, perplexing, dangerous fascinating little being’.

For reasons best known to themselves Variety described this movie as ‘ a lushly, unabashedly romantic – yet tastefully executed – tale’. Utter bollocks – this is more Ken Russell than Robert Bolt. A seriously-unhinged Caroline Lamb (Sarah Miles) stalks the dashing lord Byron; at one point she attends a society ball in blackface as his slave. God knows why she though this would endear her to Byron or who told her it was a fancy-dress party, but clearly this was one of the ‘obvious parallels in present-day femme [sic] emancipation’ that Variety found. I was so seriously perturbed by that review that I had to double check that it was indeed referring to the same movie.

Sarah Miles is more famous for advocating the beneficial effects of drinking one’s own urine than for her acting but at least she had the nouse to leave her husband after he cast and directed her in this piece of crap.

George Frost was the makeup artist on the movie.