racechanging: tribal characters

The Woman King
Kong Skull Island
The Green Inferno
Cloud Atlas
También la lluvia
Pirates of the Caribbean
A Pedra do Reino
End of the Spear
King Solomon’s Mines
The Emerald Forest
King Solomon’s Mines

Racechanging: tribal characters

This section features actresses playing ‘primitive’ or ‘tribal’ characters. Generally such ‘native’ characters have been even more likely to be caricatures or stereotypical than other blackface characters.

Not all the actresses here are ‘white’ but they generally portraying a significantly different ethnicity to their own (eg Jessica Alba, of Mexican-French-Danish descent, playing a Dayak girl in The Sleeping Dictionary).

If Thandie Newton or Halle Berry were to be cast as a Mursi or Masai woman they would be included here; I believe Thandie Newton did once turn down a script called Hottentot Venus. Indeed Halle Berry is now included as a native woman from Cloud Atlas.