racechanging: King Kong

King Kong

In 1933 a group of explorers and documentary filmmakers travel to the mysterious Skull Island in the Indian Ocean to investigate legends of a giant gorilla named Kong.

On the island they discover an apparently deserted village and a massive wall but before they can investigate what lies beyond the war they are attacked by the natives – including a Sharwoman (Vicky Haughton) and a Feral Child (Jacinta Wawatai) – who worship Kong.

The makeup

Peter King was the hair & makeup; designer; Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop) was responsible for special creature effects & special makeup effects; Gino Acevedo & Dominie Till were the special makeup effects supervisor (Skull Islanders); Ryk Fortuna was responsible for the silicon prosthetics (Skull Island); Saul Barnes, Steven Boyle, Margiana Cullinan, Sheree Gillespie, Megan Gordevich, Elizabeth Hilton, Gareth J Jensen, Davina Lamont, Samantha Lyttle, Amy McLellan, Les Nairn, Rose Parsons, Gavin Skudder, Warren ‘Bino’ Smith, Fiona Sole, & Emily-Jane Sturrock were the special makeup effects technicians (Skull Islanders); Frances Richardson was the foam latex technician (Skull Island); Cristina Patterson Ceret was the contact lens coordinator/painter.