updated: 27/09/2004

bearded ladies: Blood Moon (aka Wolf Girl)

Tara Talbot (Victoria Sanchez) is a teenage girl who longs to be normal but is afflicted with the rare genetic condition hypertrichosis (she is covered head to toe in hair): worse she is the ‘Wolf Girl’ in a travelling freak show where her pre-performance makeup routine involves adding fake fangs and claws to her already bizarre appearance.

At one stop she meets a boy, a misfit himself, who does not immediately recoil in horror: better his mum is a cosmetics researcher who just might have the cure in her home chemistry set. Unfortunately the medication turns out to have some unanticipated and undesired side-effects (as always in this genre) so Tara ends up hairless but still unhappy.

I was surprised that the DVD did not contain any makeup featurettes because there were a number of Quicktime interviews and clips on the USA Network website when the movie was first transmitted. If anyone has any makeup application images, please themakeupgallery.

Paul Jones was the special makeup designer; Matthew Galliford was special makeup effects artist. There are some images of the makeup on the Paul Jones Effects Studio website.