bearded ladies: CSI: ‘Werewolves’

CSI: ‘Werewolves’

In the episode ‘Werewolves’, the CSI team investigates the murder of a man suffering from a congenital hypertrichosis, causing him to grow excessive body hair. Elements of the case suggest a connection with a belief in werewolves.

The case leads to the victim’s sister, Allison Bradford (Leisha Hailey), who suffers from the same disease. Because of her condition, she’d been hiding from the world, but it turns out that she’s also been hiding facts that are vital to solving the case.

The makeup

Matthew Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) was responsible for the special makeup effects on CSI. Matthew Mungle and Clinton Wayne (Wayne Studios) worked on the design for this makeup; Matthew Mungle, Clinton Wayne, Jamie Kelman and Ruth Haney were the makeup artists on that episode.

Leisha Hailey told TV Guide:

It was itchy, it took about two and a half hours to glue all of the hair on my face. I just thought it would be interesting for me to play something completely and totally different than anything else I’ve played. I think it’s fun for anyone to play the sort of monster character, it’s just another form of an outcast and I really find that interesting.